The Saga Begins!

One more time

I’ve been meaning to start blogging about interesting technical topics for years now. Maybe with the ease of a nice GitHub Page and some Atom magic this will be the time that sticks :-)

In the near future I’m looking forward to writing about getting Terasology and its related project pieces rehosted on a shiny new Kubernetes cluster with Jenkins X and various other automagic all running on Google Cloud. My latest job is smack in the middle of such tech and I should be able to spend time on it both for work and play.

For development I don’t write much actual code these days, but aim to throw together some mashups involving Trello, GitHub, and various other things to automate, like better organizing volunteers and mentors. GSOC and GCI are awesome but a lot of work - need to make staying on top of it all more efficient!


Second Day of Xmas

3 minute read

On the second day of Xmas my nerdy love led to me … writing - unsurprisingly a Kubernetes hosting setup for Teras...

First Day of Xmas

12 minute read

On the first day of Xmas my nerdy love led to me … writing - a Kubernetes hosting setup for ARK!

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